My Cub Cadet 129 Hydro Will Not Charge the Battery?

Answer The Cub Cadet 129 hydrostatic lawn tractor is a model manufactured between 1971 and 1974. The engine on the 129 — the Kohler K 301 A — was responsible for keeping the battery charged. If your C... Read More »

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How Often Should You Charge the Battery on a Cub Cadet Mower With an Electric Start?

Electric-start lawn mowers – such as many Cub Cadet lawn mowers – use a lead-acid battery for starting power. Even when it is not being used actively, a lead-acid battery will lose the ability ... Read More »

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How to Charge a Battery With a Vector Battery Charger?

Flat car batteries can be a real inconvenience. You need to charge the battery before the car will function again. This can be done with another car's working battery. If you do not have another ca... Read More »