My Computer's memory is almost full. HELP!?

Answer Save the important stuff to cd then re-install windows. It will erase everything but windows just like when it was new. You will have at least 35 gigs free space. Also it rids you of all virus and ... Read More »

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Help. Bento 4 using 400 MB, hard drive almost full...what to do?

Either upgrade to a much larger hard drive,add an external 2 or 3 TB drive or when moving photos to Bento only do so with the very best and special photos and leave the run of the mill photos where... Read More »

HP 2210 All in one printer - memory is full. can't find any help thru HP. can you help me?

If you go into My Computer (and if the HP2210 is connected with a USB port connector) then the HP memory card will show up as a disk drive, with its own drive letter. It might be E: or F: and have... Read More »

Is the weight of a empty memory card and memory Full is same ?

This is an interesting question, but the question should refer to 'mass' rather than weight.If there is a difference in energy required to have a '1' or a '0', then the answer is clear (yes, becaus... Read More »

Every morning at 4 am I wake up. My bladder is full, almost as if it were pregnant with urine?

That happens to me when I use to get drunk and passed out. I would wake up and take a 2 hour piss.