My Computer may be at risk of an hacker.?

Answer I had the same problem (but with porn pop ups and gambling pop ups gosh), it wouldn't go away with my virus scanner (Norton), it didnt even discover any viruses. I didnt want to take the risk and I... Read More »

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Help! Hacker in my computer?

You could easily test this theory by going into netstat using cmd.Follow this process (Assuming you are using windows, and not any inferior operating system):>Start>Run (or search bar)>Type "cmd">O... Read More »

Is my son a computer hacker?

NO he is NOT a hacker. Flash is a program needed to display videos. Linux is an operating system similar to Windows, or MAC. It is used by computer programmers as the language of choice. The Proc... Read More »

Should i take out this computer hacker ?

What a big run on sentence. Well, if you know that he's unethically hacking and you want to put him to justice, sure. The point of being a hacker (which I assume you are) is to be the best and show... Read More »

How to Look Like You're a Professional Computer Hacker?

How to look like you're a professional computer hackerHave you ever wanted to look like you are a professional computer hacker in front of your friends? Here's how to do it in a few simple steps.