My Computer is Running Really Slow!! Please HELP!?

Answer I pulled up your laptop and found that it has a 1.6 GHZ processor and 1GB of ram. I have found that Vista operates poorly with this setup. I would first of all suggest installing XP on your machine... Read More »

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Help with my computer please is running so freakin slow.../?

For running slow there are many causes:Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer!Spyware/AdwareRAMDe-FragmentingEtc. Below can help you speed up your pc:For IE, click Tools, Internet Options de... Read More »

My computer and internet is running slow the past two days can you help me please?

take the weather into consideration, the Internet is operated by satellites...or try turning off your modem and let it cool off

My computer is running really slow, I tried to ran virus scan but nothing came up I need help?

try disk clean up and disk defrag, might help a bit

My computer is being really slow and my CPU usage very high Help me please?

You might need a RAM upgrade. How much RAM do you have now?