My Computer has gone into sleep mode ,how do you start it again?

Answer Try hitting any key on your keyboard... if that doesn't work, briefly press the power on key (on your computer, not the monitor) to wake it up.

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Why does my computer automatically go into sleep mode?

i recommend you ask the computer brand's phone number or once you get it on, do a virus search. if that still doesn't work. the computer proably doesn't have enough memory

Computer keeps going into sleep mode, screen saver doesn't stay on anymore?

updates for what.wait don't even tell display settings screen saver there are a place with numbers of min. increase it.power settings just at the'll have to reopen display ; if you... Read More »

How to Put My Dell Inspiron Into Sleep Mode?

Sleep mode is a tool used in the Windows operating system to save power, which in turn saves you money. All Dell Inspirons come with the Windows operating system, which means you can utilize the sl... Read More »

How do you put ipod touch into sleep mode?

Hold the power button for 5 secs and then power off will come up slide and it will power off