My Computer has gone into sleep mode ,how do you start it again?

Answer Try hitting any key on your keyboard... if that doesn't work, briefly press the power on key (on your computer, not the monitor) to wake it up.

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What does a computer's sleep mode actually do?

Sleep mode is used to put your computer into a power-saving state. Putting your computer into sleep mode is like pausing it and saving its current state for when you are ready to start using it aga... Read More »

Why does my computer automatically go into sleep mode?

i recommend you ask the computer brand's phone number or once you get it on, do a virus search. if that still doesn't work. the computer proably doesn't have enough memory

When the computer wakes up from sleep mode?

device manager, then mouse and keyboard, then double click mouse, then choose power management tab, then check or uncheck allow this device to wake computer

My computer will not stay in sleep mode, can someone help me?

To fix sleep mode problems:1. Click Start.2. Click Control Panel3. Click Click System4. Click Device Manager. 5. Click the plus sign on Network Adapters droping it down and right click your network... Read More »