My Chevy Truck Door Won't Close?

Answer The Chevrolet company was founded in 1911 and became a part of the General Motors company in 1917. There are many models of Chevy trucks, produced between the early 1900s and the modern day. One ... Read More »

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How do you close a Bosch dishwasher door that wont close?

Buy any brand but Bosch ---mine less than 2 yrs old ---poor design of door latch apparently wears out but doesn't actually break. Have to take door apart to reset latch every few days. $600+ piece ... Read More »

Why wont my automatic garage door close?

Since I don't know what type of GDO you have I can't tell for sure. AND I'm not a GD expert (No, GD doesn't stand for Gosh Darn either).Generally speaking the sensors have a light on them. If the... Read More »

How to Take a Door Panel Off of a 1997 Chevy S-10 Truck?

Prior to the S-10, Chevrolet did offer its customers a compact truck. This compact truck — the LUV — was not truly a Chevy, but an Isuzu pickup in Chevy clothing. The 1982 model year brought ab... Read More »

How to Install a Door on a 1948 Chevy Truck?

The door on a 1948 Chevy truck relies on brass door hinge pins and bushings. When a door does not close properly or sags due to worn bushings, you must lift the door slightly to align the door stri... Read More »