My Cat Is Occasionally Sneezing Should I Be Worried?

Answer A proxy is a type of encryption service that encodes your Internet connection's IP address, allowing you to use the Internet anonymously. If you want to use your iPhone 3G like a proxy server, you ... Read More »

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Is it bad to occasionally smoke?

yessss it is.& it's ok. i don't think your friends are losers..i have friends that smoke too. but i choose not to get involved in's really addictive and expensive , at that.but even just a ... Read More »

Is smoking pot bad if you do it occasionally?

There is no indication that pot is harmful to your health. It is a fact though that it does affect short-term memory. There is even a pot activist out there that says that smoking pot makes you mor... Read More »

My legs ache occasionally?

Sorry for pain I know how much that can hurt since this also occasionally happens to me at night as well. My cause for it is Iron Deficiency I weigh about 115 and I am 5'1, I'm about 10 years older... Read More »

Is it okay to have one drink occasionally while pregnant?

Half a glass of wine wont hurt but not actual drinks.