My Car Won't Start, But Makes a One-Time Clicking Noise?

Answer That dreaded clicking noise is one that can indicate a few different problems with your car. If your car won't start, you could be dealing with a dead battery, a bad starter, no fuel, or even an el... Read More »

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My computer used to make a clicking noise and now it wont detect my HARD DRIVE!?

I'm a level 2 tech. Whenever we hear the "clicking" noise at work, we know that a hard drive is dying. If you think about it, the only thing that could be clicking in a computer would have to be ... Read More »

How to Fix a Laptop That Makes a Clicking Noise?

A laptop computer may make a wide variety of noises that are part of normal operation. The hard drive, fans and disk drives all make noises when you use the computer. If you hear a rhythmic clickin... Read More »

My AT&T 2Wire Router Makes a Clicking Noise?

An AT&T 2Wire digital subscriber line modem and wireless router uses all solid-state devices that should not make any sound under any normal conditions. If yours is making a clicking sound, it may ... Read More »

My 1999 Yukon 4WD Makes Clicking Noise?

General Motors produces the Yukon, a full-sized sport utility vehicle. The Yukon has been in production since 1992 and is available with a variety of options, such as four-wheel drive, the XL packa... Read More »