My Car Makes a Clicking Sound & Won't Start?

Answer A vehicle that won't start is inconvenient and can be very expensive to fix. If you know how to troubleshoot engines, you can conduct your own repairs and save money on labor charges. There are man... Read More »

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My Lexus GX470 Makes Clicking Sound & Won't Start?

All cars share a common design and the sound of clicking when you try to start your vehicle regularly plagues drivers. The clicking sound means that the starter is not getting enough power or you h... Read More »

My Car Won't Start, But Makes a One-Time Clicking Noise?

That dreaded clicking noise is one that can indicate a few different problems with your car. If your car won't start, you could be dealing with a dead battery, a bad starter, no fuel, or even an el... Read More »

My tooth hurts, and when I rub it with another tooth it makes a clicking sound?

From what you said, my best guess would be that you may have an infected tooth, but hard to say without looking at it and looking at x-rays. Do go see your dentist and get it taken care of.

My craftsman lawn tractor makes a hum but wont start?

Maybe your tractor hums because it doesn't know the words.