My Canon MP280 printer/scanner isn't scanning!?

Answer Have a look through these websites on the subject:…Quote from one site: This Canon PIXMA MP280 w/ PP-201 owner’s manual is available FREE at Canon websi... Read More »

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How do I scan with a Canon Pixma MP280?

Q: 1 answerHow t scan document into compute which uses microsoft windows Details: How can I scan a document into the computer using microsoft windows?Answers A: You put the document on the scanner ... Read More »

Canon MP280 printing problem?

Refilling ink cartridges is not always the best nor cheapest way to goRefilling cartridges are simple enough, but at times refilled ink cartridges may work, but mostly not. Most printers will not ... Read More »

Can I scan a picture on canon model mp280 if I am out of ink?

No, I'm afraid you can NOT scan as your All-in-One printer will believe that it's malfunctioning. It needs to be in "working order" for it to be able to scan, and sadly, even though ink is not use... Read More »

Canon pixma mp280 showing error?

Clear any loose paper from the paper tray. This will help you locate the jam. You will find it either in front, near the paper tray, or in the back, by opening the rear door.Be sure there is no pap... Read More »