My Canon MP160 won't print it reads paper jammed but there is no paper jammed. What can I do?

Answer ask your question in the computer dept. orcontact canon

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What do I do if I pulled jammed paper out of my HP PSC 1600 series and now all of the paper is getting jammed?

Whatever jammed the first one is still a problem and if you tore the paper trying to get it out, it could be worse. Look in the machine and make sure all the paths are clear. Check all areas of t... Read More »

How to remove jammed paper in canon ip1300 printer?

Always GENTLY pull the paper in the direction that it feeds. Also, there might be a tension release. Check your owner's manual. If the paper tears, make sure to get all the pieces out. I'm attachin... Read More »

My printer keeps saying "Paper is jammed"?

Remove the paper. Move your paper holder back and then to the paper.Look inside the roller to see if anything is caught in there.If all else fails, pull the plug and start over.

What to do with a paper jammed printer?

When paper misfeeds & doesn't reach certain paper sensors, it will often give that kind of error. You have a few possible problems. 1) The paper pickup/feed rollers are dirty or worn & are not pick... Read More »