My Canon HF S100 says I can't take video on my SD Card after I formatted it?

Answer I think you problem is that your laptop has formatted the card in the wrong file system maybe something like fat32, or NTFS. put the card back in your computer nad look at the properties it will t... Read More »

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Does a new memory card have to be formatted before using in a Canon A540?

That would completely depend on your budget and the type of photography you intend to do. A good starting point would be a zoom lens that covers a wide to telephoto range for general photography su... Read More »

Canon Powershot S100 vs Sony NEX 5N?

Canon Powershot S100 :… Sony NEX 5N:… For cameras Canon is alChoicehe better choise suggestony. So i sugest you g... Read More »

If you put a brand new SD card in your Canon Powershot A550 and took pictures and now your computer will not recognize it because it has not been formatted will formatting it now erase your pictures?

If you format the SD card all of your pictures will be erased. If you can view your photos in the Camera then the problem may be with your computer.

What is the size of the tiny internal battery of the canon power shot s100 digital elph?

Answer If you have the battery out of the unit then just match up the voltage with a simalar size battery. This is usaully cheaper. Everything is written on the battery.