My Canon 1.4 50mm Won't Auto Focus?

Answer The Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens is a fixed-length lens. Although the photographer must walk closer to or farther from the subject to adjust the photo composition, fixed-length lenses generally produce sh... Read More »

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Will nikor af 50mm f1.8 d lens auto focus on a nikon d3100?

Why will the auto focus no longer work on my Nikon N150 It will take if I switch to M Manual focus but only clicks when I try to use Auto Focus?

Nikon stopped producing the D80 in August 2008 as it was replaced by the D90 :)

Sigma 18-50mm F2.8-4.5 macro vs Canon 50mm 1.8?

Why are you always shooting @ 2.8? Your 50 is sharpest @ 5.6-8. The 18-50 is not a real macro lens. Macro refers to a 1:1 reproduction ratio, not how close you can focus on your subject. There are... Read More »

Canon 1000d auto focus?

Look in your user manual.You have 7 optional focus set points to choose from. You seem to have the right hand one highlighted