My CRT monitor screen is bend in right direction on both side. Help me please.?

Answer My monitor has an OSD button in front on the lower panel. If yours has one press it. Other models have them in the back as nobs or on the front under a flip-up panel.On my screen a small blue scree... Read More »

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What cause the screen of the computer monitor to discolor on one side?

try this simple way just unplug your monitor for a long period a day or when you go to sleep , unplug the monitor both power cables and video cables then tomorrow reconnect it , if this not work, b... Read More »

Glossy Screen Monitor Vs. Flat Screen Monitor?

When it comes to choosing a glossy or matte LCD monitor, the only real issue is preference. Choosing a finish for your monitor should depend on how you use your computer and the lighting in your co... Read More »

Pls Help! My nephew rubbed a magnet on the screen of my monitor and the screen color looks like a rainbow?

Your monitor may have a degauss function built into it. It's usually accessed through an on screen configuration menu you can bring up by pressing a button or dial on the front of the monitor. Yo... Read More »

My monitor screen shakes whenever I watch a movie or a video "in full screen" HELP!?

Sorry, I am as hardware savvy as you. Good luck to you.