My CD ROM is currupted hence not working.?

Answer If you are saying you have a dead Cd Rom and a working CD/DVD Drive then set the Dell to boot from the CD/DVD Drive. You need to set BIOS to boot to the optical or removable drive (depends how they... Read More »

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I have no land line number & hence can not fill the form. ADVICE?

It depends on what the form is for. Ask who the form is for if you really need a phone number or not.

Will the digital cable conversion affect my neighbors cable box and hence, my reception?

What's the matter with your stupid neightbor? Can't he do anything right? Some people can be so inconsiderate, can't they? Digital conversion will probably block you out in which case you will defi... Read More »

My opera, internet explorer and monzilla are not working whereas google chrome is working what to do now?

Check if your firewall is blocking the programs, usually there is one in your router and on your pc. Anti-Virus programs may have them built in as well. Try uninstalling Mozilla and opera and reins... Read More »

Why are Phillips CD player speakers not working but earphone jack is working?