My C4 Transmission Won't Shift Until It's Warm?

Answer The C4 was a dual-range automatic transmission manufactured by Ford in the mid-1960s. The C4 featured automatic upshifts and downshifts, and allowed the driver to manually select low and second gea... Read More »

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Is it okay to put warm marinara sauce in the fridge or should you wait until?

Yes. When I make a big pot of sauce (to be eaten another day), I usually let it cool to what I would call warm. You want to avoid dropping the temp in the refrigerator and you also want to ... Read More »

CTRL wont stop zooming until I let go of it?

The best solution and also maybe the fastest is to reinstall the keyboard and mouse drivers.The keyboard driver contain all the keys commends and by reinstalling you will get a fresh new driver.Sam... Read More »

My 1990 Chevy Z24 Won't Restart When It's Warm Until It Cools Down?

Chevrolet car, such as the Chevy Z24, sometimes develop problems starting when hot, because of the location of the starter solenoid. Heat causes electrical resistance to increase in the wires and c... Read More »

How to Shift a Two Speed Transmission?

Some pieces of equipment, such as lawn mowers, only need two gears, one for high-ratio acceleration and driving up hills and low-ratio gear for simply driving around. These systems function using t... Read More »