My C drive is full, what should i do?

Answer Spend just a bit more and get a large external hard-drive or a Flash Drive that holds several hundred Gigabytes (or even Terabytes). It will last much longer and hold more data.A good one to purch... Read More »

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What should i get - USB Flash Drive or an External Hard Drive?

Do you need to have your files with you at all times in a portable flash drive? OR are you going to just set something on a desk, and use it when you need it?A GOOD thing about an external hard dri... Read More »

My c drive is full d drive empty can i use d as c?

Short answer is no, but chances are your C: is full from games, music, and videos. Move/reinstall those to D: You can also redirect your "My Documents" folder to D:\somefoldername

Help. Bento 4 using 400 MB, hard drive almost full...what to do?

Either upgrade to a much larger hard drive,add an external 2 or 3 TB drive or when moving photos to Bento only do so with the very best and special photos and leave the run of the mill photos where... Read More »

I have an older PC and the hard drive is full. How can I copy it to a larger hard drive?

what you are looking to do is called drive imaging. it will allow you to make an exact, bootable image of your old hard drive and put it on your new hard drive while leaving you all the extra space... Read More »