My Bosch Stove Will Not Stop Sparking?

Answer Many Bosch stoves are manufactured with an on-board component designed to automatically ignite gas as soon as a control tap is switched on; this component is called a “spark module.” Spark modu... Read More »

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How to stop microwave from sparking?

to fix it wrap the inside of the microwave with aluminum foil

Self-igniting gas stove won't stop clicking?

You can unplug the stove and lift the cover and unplug the igniter to just that burner, Then plug the stove back in. But then you will have to light the burner with a match. This is only till you r... Read More »

How do I stop a stove clock from buzzing?

Fix ItTurn the timer button a little to the right in case it got stuck. Check the face plate of the timer to see if it has come loose. If the timer has come loose from the face plate, stick double... Read More »

Electric socket sparking?

Not sure what a "four socket extension thing" is, if it is a plug strip I would be concerned that the tension in the sockets on the blades have worn out, and may melt down the plugs inserted into i... Read More »