My Bathtub Drain Plug Is Stuck?

Answer Bathtub drain plugs function for years at a time without incident. When your bathtub's drain plug starts to experience problems, you will need to understand how the stopper works by moving the leve... Read More »

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How to Replace the Bathtub Drain Plug?

The bathtub drain plug works behind the scenes to trap water when you're in the mood for a nice, long soak. The drain plug is attached to the drain switch, which usually is located on the overflow ... Read More »

How do I remove a bathtub drain plug?

Overflow Stopper TypeUnscrew the two screws on the overflow plate with a flat-bladed screwdriver. Slowly pull the overflow stopper away from the overflow tube, use caution, as the drain plug is sti... Read More »

How to Install a Plug Adapter in a Bathtub to Replace a Drain Water Overflow?

When you install a new drain water overflow assembly, which includes the waste pipe that connects to the plug adapter in the tub's main drain opening, you must also install a new plug adapter. Home... Read More »

How to Take Off a Stuck Oil Drain Plug With a Power Drill?

Oil buildup and dirt particles can easily damage the threads on your oil drain plug whenever you replace it after changing the engine oil. This, in turn, can ruin the plug's head if you try to forc... Read More »