My Bathroom Sink Stopper Won't Go Up or Down?

Answer Normally a pop-up stopper in a bathroom sink's drain will move up and down in the drain as you pull up and push down on the lift rod, which is located at the back of the sink's faucet. When the sto... Read More »

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How do I remove a stopper from a bathroom sink?

PreparationPut on rubber gloves. Protect the floor and vanity from water damage by placing a plastic sheet on the cabinet beneath the sink and placing a small bucket under the sink, just beneath th... Read More »

Bathroom Sink Stopper Won't Raise?

A bathroom sink's stopper mechanism does not look very complex from the topside of a sink, but in reality there are several more parts to the mechanism that you will not see unless you look at the ... Read More »

How do I adjust a bathroom sink stopper?

PreparationPosition yourself underneath the sink. Locate the stopper lever arm, which is the horizontal bar running to the drain stopper inside the tail piece just beneath the sink. The lever arm i... Read More »

How to Fix a Sink Drain Stopper?

When your sink stopper doesn't stop the water anymore, you don't need to call 911. You can fix it with a pair of channel-locking pliers and a flashlight. Stopper mechanisms are not difficult to und... Read More »