My Basil Plants Are Wilting?

Answer Native to India and the Middle East, basil plants grown in North America require great care to keep the tender plants healthy and alive. Wilting basil leaves are often a result of over- or under-wa... Read More »

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Wilting Pepper Plants?

Pepper plants are part of the nightshade family along with, tomato and eggplant. They can be susceptible to similar diseases. However, wilting leaves do not always mean disaster. Sometimes it could... Read More »

My Lettuce Plants Are Wilting?

Lettuce is a cool-weather crop that can be easy to grow, depending on which type you choose. Loose-leafed varieties are the easiest, while crispheads pose more of a challenge. Lettuces don't like h... Read More »

Why Are My Bell Pepper Plants Wilting?

As the heat of summer descends upon our faithfully tended plants and vegetables, you may notice that several of them may appear wilted or droopy in the afternoons. Bell peppers are one of the most ... Read More »

Why Are My Shasta Daisy Plants Wilting?

Perennial gardeners who plant low-maintenance plants know that Shasta daisies belong in borders of daylilies, coneflowers and August lilies. Given a brunch of well-rotted compost each spring, they ... Read More »