My Baby DS Game Is Set to Spanish How Can I Change it?

Answer Since the release of the first Game Boy in 1989, the Game Boy line has been in constant production worldwide. The current incarnation, the Nintendo DS, has brought new innovations to the line, its ... Read More »

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How do you get the baby to sleep on baby borrowers game?

Pick up the baby by clicking on her and selecting "hold in arms."Take the baby into the kitchen and open the fridge. Select a bottle of formula and click on the baby to feed it to her. Take the bab... Read More »

Baby names and baby name game?

my name is Sarah Anne Hughes1. his name is James Andrew LeClair 2. our colour scheme is pink and white, we honeymooned in Las Vegas… Photography3. http:... Read More »

How to Make a 3D Baby Game?

Video games are a popular form of entertainment among people of all ages. Prominent game genres are generally targeted at different age groups and genders. If you would like to create a 3-D baby ga... Read More »

Fun baby name game :)?

Abigail Ruby-9/10Aleen Elizabeth- 8/10Emma Rose- 8/10Lucy Amy- 7/10Lilian Stephanie- 7/10Sophie Annabelle- 9/10Oliver Logan- 9.5/10Declan Bradley 9.5/10Griffin Chris- 8/10Noah Timothy- 8/10Lucas Ja... Read More »