My BMW 330Ci Top Won't Close?

Answer The BMW 330Ci is a convertible coupe model produced between 2001 and 2006, featuring an automatic convertible top that opens and closes by pressing a button located in the middle console of the car... Read More »

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How do you close a Bosch dishwasher door that wont close?

Buy any brand but Bosch ---mine less than 2 yrs old ---poor design of door latch apparently wears out but doesn't actually break. Have to take door apart to reset latch every few days. $600+ piece ... Read More »

My cut wont close.. should i get stitches?

Push your cut together,then kinda stich it with a bandaid. I am sorry about your cutting problem. What did the doctor say about you cutting? Did he give you tips to help with the cutting? Work on g... Read More »

My cut wont close. should i get stitches?

A) if it's been a "week," it's too long to close it with stitches. it has to close naturally.B) i think you know you have a problem, so I'm not gonna preach. cutting is just a non-productive way of... Read More »

Why wont my automatic garage door close?

Since I don't know what type of GDO you have I can't tell for sure. AND I'm not a GD expert (No, GD doesn't stand for Gosh Darn either).Generally speaking the sensors have a light on them. If the... Read More »