My BMI is 20.3, should I start putting on more weight?

Answer Under 18 - Underweight18 - 24 --> NormalAbove 24 - Over weightI wonder, your BMI is very important. And luckily, it is between 18 and 24 and you are absolutely normal, right? Then why do you wanna ... Read More »

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When should i start putting scar cream on my burn?

After a month, the new skin has grown in. You can safely apply the scar cream now.

Girls......should i try to gain more weight?

Hey:) ur hot! U should stay the way u r! U r perfect! No more no less! Wear brand names like areo and hollister!

What should i do to gain more weight ?

If you want to put on weight, you should work out, to insure that youput on muscle and not fat. Healthy weight gain, just like healthyweight loss, takes time and requires a conscious effort ... Read More »

How much more weight should i gain (guy)?

You probably only gained upper body weight because you didn't work out your legs. That's the way that works. Eat as much protein and complex carbohydrates as you possibly can, you will gain weight,... Read More »