My BMI is 20.3, should I start putting on more weight?

Answer Under 18 - Underweight18 - 24 --> NormalAbove 24 - Over weightI wonder, your BMI is very important. And luckily, it is between 18 and 24 and you are absolutely normal, right? Then why do you wanna ... Read More »

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Tips on putting ON weight please help?

Just eat like a whole meal every 2-3 hours. You'll be getting down a lot of food and not feel like your bursting all the time haha ^_^That's how I gained weight. I had a serious illness and lost a ... Read More »

Putting Weight On To BEAT Anorexia?

Try drinking one of these smoothies with every meal for a boost of calories!…Best of luck to you. ;-)

Is putting on weight a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It certainly can be a sign of pregnancy, but there are other, clearer signs of pregnancy (especially, missing your period). If your period is more than a few days late take a pregnancy test.... Read More »

When can you start putting blankets in a baby's bed?

On One Hand: Babies Should Be at Least 1 Year OldThe American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents wait until their baby is at least 12 months of age before they put bedding in the child's c... Read More »