My Avast scans are blank, it only shows icons but no scanning button?

Answer Re-Install it

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How to Remove Blank Icons From the Menu in Ubuntu?

The open source Ubuntu operating system utilizes GNOME for desktop interface and graphics management. Ease of customization is one of the primary reasons GNOME is used, as Ubuntu aims to offer user... Read More »

Computer problem. on the desktop the icons, toolbar, and start button are gone. help?

the same problem occured to me a week back ! its the damn virus ! soon the windows also got corrupted ! so i had to install windows !iam very sure only REINSTALLING WINDOWS will fix this problem ... Read More »

Need help..When i start my system after logging in only the wallpaper shows,no icons & taskbar?

You need to log on to the machine as the "Administrator". Then check to see if everything seems to be as it should be, and that all icon shortcuts, programs, and everything else works correctly. ... Read More »

My scanner after scanning an image shows this message as error detailed information?

Reinstall your scanner driver.Broken scanner lid is not a big deal. It's just used to put press down on the paper being scan so that the scanning light can see the paper more clearly.