My Arm And Leg Hurts Too Much! I Can't Even Move It!?

Answer There's no way to know for sure. You need to give more info. Make sure you drink about six small cups of water per day if you are dehydrated. Also, try stretching to relieve stress. Once you fe... Read More »

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Stomach hurts when I eat AND move?

Well you gotta go to the doctor and second of all, drink Ginger Ale!!

My hair hurts when i move it around?

It is because your roots grow in or are trained to be in a certain way, when you move your hair it pulls at the follicle because you are pushing it against the growth. Nothing bad

My neck hurts really bad when i move my head!?

Sounds like you may have a pinched nerve in your neck pain radiating down your arm. Remember, the nerves in our neck control our arm and the feeling in the arms. Check with your dr and get a more... Read More »

My right arm has been hurting 4 2 days and its swollen it hurts when i move it i am 13 HELP ME!?

definitely see the school nurse...i would go to a walk-in-clinic tho....they can definitely help. DEFINITELY get it checked out!