My Acer Laptop is Plugged in & the Battery is Not Charging?

Answer Acer laptops allow you to take your work and entertainment on the go. You can work on a presentation during a long flight or watch a DVD in the middle of a park. Acer laptops can do this because th... Read More »

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Is leaving a laptop plugged in too long, when the battery is done charging, bad for the battery?

No its fine. There are a lot of rumors about things like this but they're not true. Your laptop battery can not be damaged from remaining on the charger after the charging process is complete.

Sony vaio laptop battery plugged in and not charging?

another person who thinks we have ESP...Try including model number and operating system in your questions. It will go a long way in helping us answer your questions

Toshiba battery "plugged in, not charging"?

Sounds like either a faulty cell in the battery or a software issue. Either way get in touch with toshiba and let them know. IF it is a software issue there is probably a fix for it. If it is a bat... Read More »

Laptop "plugged in, not charging"?

Unplug the battery and the charger.Press & hold the power button to discharge any remaining power.Plug in the charger ONLY. Does the laptop work? If it does, then it is not the charger that is no... Read More »