My 9 year old asks " How do printers print pink"?

Answer The paper is white. The printer created very small red dots combined the white surrounding the dots looks pink from a distance. Try printing different colors on white and colored papers (try blue,... Read More »

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Printer won't print, only asks to save doc?

I have found that the best way is to uninstall it from add & remoreand then re-install with the CD that came with your print.

Can 3d printers print in 2d as well?

yes and no, it can print as thin as a sheet of paper, but the words will be like the words you see on a cake, raised a little, and looks like jelly, so no it cant print on paper, it only prints out... Read More »

How to Print to Multiple Printers From One PC?

Since not all printers perform the same function, or perform each function as efficiently as another printer, setting up multiple printers to work with one PC can save you time and effort. While so... Read More »

How to Print on Two Printers at a Time?

Whether you're working in an office or you simply need to print at double speed, you can configure your computer to print on two printing devices at the same time. This process requires you to use ... Read More »