My 87 Ford Truck Won't Start?

Answer A 1987 Ford Truck relies on two things to start: the battery and fuel in the gas tank. If you are having problems getting your Ford truck to start, you can troubleshoot these two issues and make su... Read More »

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Ford Truck Won't Start?

Ford trucks have been produced since 1908 by the Ford Motor Company. The line continues to this day, ranging from small sized trucks like the Ford Ranger to the larger F150 and the Super truck. If ... Read More »

How do I Start an Old Ford Truck?

Old trucks are a blessing and a curse. An antique Ford truck is simple in its design compared to modern trucks -- and it can be worth a great deal of money, when restored. It's also an all around ... Read More »

My 1990 Ford F-250 Truck Won't Start?

If your 1990 Ford F-250 truck won't start, then there are multiple reasons that could be preventing your truck from starting. If your truck is a straight drive, then you have the advantage of tryin... Read More »

Ford 2005 Diesel Truck Won't Start?

Diesel engines are known for being tough and reliable. Keeping the vehicle well maintained and serviced regularly will ensure that the truck stays in the best condition for many years. Most problem... Read More »