My 8 year old daughter has underarm hair, help!?

Answer 8 is pretty young but maybe it is just in the genetics. I started getting hair in my pubic area at 9 and then I got my period at 10. I cannot remember if I had hairy armpits or not.. but I'm sure i... Read More »

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What can you do if your 15-year-old daughter moved in with her mom 6 months ago and she let your daughter's boyfriend move in and now your daughter is 8 weeks pregnant and you're sick about it?

Answer Now she must take responsibility for her actions and have that baby rather than consider an abortion. Hopefully you can talk them into giving the baby up for adoption so it will have a chanc... Read More »

My 13 year old daughter won't cut her hair?

she's 13 years old, let her have long hair if she wants....pfft.

If you have full custody of your daughter and you live in Canada and you want to move to England for a year can your daughter's father stop you from leaving?

Answer Yes he can if you have a settlement agreement that states that you cannot take your minor child out of the country without the father's consent.

How to Remove Unwanted Leg Hair and Underarm Hair?

Unwanted hair on your legs or on your underarms is a problem, but one with several simple solutions. Get rid of unwanted hair by shaving, waxing, using a hair-removal product or laser hair removal.... Read More »