My 8 year old daughter fell at school and hurt her finger?

Answer You would *know* it if it was broken. Broken bones really, really hurt. You're welcome to get it x-rayed, and I'm no doctor, but I would guess based on your information that it's not broken.

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Your daughter fell and landed with a metal bar long ways between her legs and it continues to hurt a year later about every 2-4 months any ideas doctors dont have a clue She goes to sleep fine and?

What could be wrong if your 3-year-old daughter has a finger wiggling stereotypie sometimes acompanied by facial grimace and teeth grinding Dr ruled out autism could this also happen ADHD children?

Answer I would not automatically say it was ADHD. ADHD is widely overused and we are doping our children unnecessarily.It is possible it is Tourettes, tardive dyskinesia, a magnesium deficiency, ch... Read More »

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I found out that my 11 year old daughter has had sex at school?

If she's having her period at 11, YES she can get pregnant. Get this kid to a doctor and make sure she also hasn't already picked up an STD. If you know the name of the kid she had sex with, I'd no... Read More »