My 5yr old masterbaiting!!!!!!?

Answer omg.. loltell her Santa won't come if she humps her pillow;idk.. haha; it might work?

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My Mom Caught Me Masterbaiting..?

dude dont panic, now that u got that over with u got a lot more flexibility with masturbaiting seeing as if she sees u again it wont be as bad. pretty soon ull be masterbaiting at the dinner table.... Read More »

Your thoughts on masterbaiting?

lol i can't fish :(can't even fish on video games lolbut it would be a nice experience, not sure would it work but i may have to use a real mouse if i get any chance... i mean did u watch the tom &... Read More »

How early do girls start masterbaiting?

As early as they want to and start to have sexual feelings towards other people.