My 40GB Harddisk shows only 32 GB!?

Answer nice tried explanations above, but the most are wrong. your system can't overcome the so called 32GB barrier. With a 40GB disk you should see approx a size of 37.2 GB what can be explained with the... Read More »

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Hey guys please help me to chose a best hard drive! Maxtor 40GB OR Seagate 40GB?

it shoudl not matter check the buffer on the drive 8mb and above and the speed of the driveget the 7200 rpmdont get the 5400rpman ultra ata drive is goodtry to get a higher capacity it shoudl cost ... Read More »

400GB Ext harddisk capacity?

they just round it up to the nearest figure,100 120 160 200 250 300 320 400,usally you lose between 7% and wont get any more thats it....

What is OTB My USB harddisk adapter has a button that says OTB.?

OTB, in this context, stands for One-Touch Backup.That's a programmable feature that only needs a touch of a button to trigger a backup operation of the programmed files and folders.Hope this helps... Read More »

What will be the best solution for harddisk crash?

Prevention, via RAID ... since that means a desktop computer (you need at least 2 hard drives for RAID Mirror, 3 or more for RAID 5), you should heave at least one in the house (so everyone can bac... Read More »