My 4 year old son has listening issues and a short attention span?

Answer I think the problem is adjustment issues:Your child appears to have ritualistic behaviours which he must do to maintain his calm and focus. The puzzles and trains calm him down. When his activities... Read More »

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What is a short attention span?

You attention span refers to how long you are able to concentrate on one task. If you have a short attention span, a condition which is also known as Attention Deficit Disorder, you are unable to c... Read More »

My 4 yr old daughter is easily distracted at school,has short attention span & has a lot of fears?

My little girl is the same way! I found out that many gifted children are misdiagnosed as being ADD or ADHD.Why do Gifted people act the way they do? One reason is that gifted people become bored... Read More »

Is it true that plasma tv's only have a really short life span, 6months to a year?

No it isnt true. However, because a Plasma TV is a sealed unit, when it does go wrong it can't be repaired like the older TV's and usually need to be replaced xxx

How to Assess a 20-Month-Old for Attention Span?

The 20-month-old is a busy person indeed. He has probably recently learned to walk, is learning to talk, and is learning about sociability and consequences. If you are feeling concerned about your ... Read More »