My 4 year old daughter never wants to go back to her mothers house?

Answer She has no say in this. She is too young to decide. Try to work it through with the mother. Use mediation services if necessary. (Not lawyers - lawyers are trained to increase conflict not decrease... Read More »

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How do I tell my daughter we're never leaving the house again?

I just had to break it to my daughter this morning. We're stocking up on video games and processed food. She's happy.

12 year old daughter wants a cell phone?

I would say since she's 12 you should get her a virgin mobile phone which im pretty sure is ran by verizon.

My 11 year old daughter wants to be a vegetarian-anyone have?

Since she is still growing, just make sure that she eats well. Don't allow her to use her vegetarianism to get out of eating her fruit, veggies and beans. (Some new vegetarians are tempted to load ... Read More »

My 12 year old daughter wants a $800 laptop 4 christmas should i get it 4 her yes or no and why?

~~EDIT FIRST. This is the 12 y.o. asking the question. She's posted this question twice. If you read her profile, you will know that this is not a mother of a 12 y.o. YOUR MOM SAID NO! deal wit... Read More »