My 36" Panasonic TV goes off after few second !!!?

Answer You have High Voltage Shutdown occurring....any time the HV triggers the shutdown circuit, you ALWAYS have to unplug it to get it to fire up.....This may be caused by a bad regulator, or a bad cap ... Read More »

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Why my SChtb10 panasonic soundbar goes to DTS and the light blinks?

It may need a firm-wear update try going to the website of the manufacture of the sound bar and look for a firm-wear update for your make and model number....

Should a Second Thank You Letter Be Sent After a Second Interview?

The next time you're planning a family reunion or trying to keep track of a number of employees, remember how pictures are worth a thousand words and make a photo ID. Photo IDs may be used for secu... Read More »

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That would depend on the target and the mission.

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