My 2005 Ford F350 Won't Start?

Answer The Ford F350, also known as the Super Duty, is a commercial pickup truck that has been in production since 1999. The transmission and engine of the F350 are more powerful and more heavy-duty than ... Read More »

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Ford F350 Won't Start When the Engine Is Hot?

The Ford F350 is a truck that many people use to get around in rugged terrain or haul trailers. If you have an F350 that will not start after the engine is hot, you probably have something wrong wi... Read More »

My 2005 Ford F-150 Won't Start?

Ford's F-150's production history dates back to the 1948 model year and continues to the present day. The 2005 model F-150 features a five speed manual or automatic transmission and either an Essex... Read More »

Ford 2005 Diesel Truck Won't Start?

Diesel engines are known for being tough and reliable. Keeping the vehicle well maintained and serviced regularly will ensure that the truck stays in the best condition for many years. Most problem... Read More »

How to Tell If a Tie Rod Is Bad on a Ford F350?

The tie rod ends on a Ford F-350 control the steering arm. If a tie rod end is bad or the tie rod end breaks, you could lose control of the steering and it will cause you to wreck. Tie rods can be ... Read More »