My 2003 Dodge Durango Won't Start?

Answer If your 2003 Dodge Durango won't start there are a few things you can do to either try to get it started or to determine why it won't. When a vehicle won't start they can be a number of common reas... Read More »

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How big of a boat can I tow with a 2003 Dodge Durango R/T?

According to, the 2003 Dodge Durango had a towing capacity of 1,770 pounds for the 4.7L V8 and 7,550 pounds for the 5.9L V8. Subtract boat trailer weight and other added equipment to de... Read More »

My 2003 Dodge Durango Key Won't Turn?

The Dodge Durango is a full-size sports utility vehicle (SUV) introduced in 1998 as a replacement for the Dodge Ramcharger. The 2003 Durango features a standard ignition key that is used to power a... Read More »

How big of a boat can I tow with a 2003 Dodge Durango RT?

In 2003, the Dodge Durango Sport and SXT had a maximum towing capacity of 5,950 pounds with rear-wheel-drive (RWD) and 5,770 pounds with four-wheel-drive (4WD). The SLT and R/T models were capable... Read More »

How do you hook up a iPhone 3GS to a 2003 dodge durango?

I have the iPhone 4s, and I previously had an HTC phone. I really did not like the HTC phone, not so sure about thunderbolt in particular.Ot takes a lot of personalizing and getting used to for it ... Read More »