My 2001 Express Van Won't Start?

Answer Automotive manufacturing giant Chevrolet offers customers many makes and models of cars, trucks, minivans and SUVs, including the Express van. These vans are popular among businesses that need an a... Read More »

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Final Cut Express wont accept my camera's files?

You did not tell us how you "export" or "import" the video. Exporting the files is more than just copying them from the camcorder to the computer.You did ot tell us which version Final Cut or which... Read More »

How to Install a Thermostat on a 2001 Express Van G3500?

The coolant system in a Chevrolet Express van relies on the thermostat to regulate the engine temperature. The thermostat is a valve that opens once the engine gets hot and releases coolant into th... Read More »

I have 2001 Sylvania tv/vcr that wont work anymore?

I have the exact same problem with mine, it has something to do with the switch that runs the vcr, there is nothing you can do to fix, i have tried, it has run its course, toss it.Sorry

My new PC wont start!?

try the basicsturn PC OFFunplug and then plug back in (firmly) each end of every cablealso mouse and key board make sure monitor cable the one with 2 screw up fasteners is pushed in firmly and then... Read More »