My 1999 Town & Country Won't Start?

Answer At some point, even a well maintained 1999 Chrysler Town and Country will malfunction. There are a variety of reasons for a vehicle to experience a no-start. Knowing about automotive mechanics will... Read More »

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How to Change an Air Filter on a 1999 Town & Country?

The Chrysler Town & Country is a minivan with a six-cylinder engine. The air filter for this engine is located on the driver side toward the front of the engine compartment. The air filter is house... Read More »

How to Replace the Headlamps on a 1999 Chrysler Town & Country?

The headlights of a car are a valuable piece of safety equipment that allows the driver to see potential hazards as well as alert other drivers to the presence of the car. Headlights last for quite... Read More »

How to Adjust the Headlights on a 1999 Chrysler Town & Country?

The 1999 Chrysler Town and Country is equipped with headlights that can be adjusted using the built-in adjustment screw. Adjusting the low-beams of each headlight will automatically adjust the high... Read More »

1999 Chrysler Town & Country Headlight Assembly Info?

The 1999 Chrysler Town & Country uses a headlight assembly that combines both the turn signal and driving lights. Standard bulbs are used in the assembly, eliminating the need for high-intensity re... Read More »