My 1998 Dodge Won't Crank?

Answer Car problems are nerve-wracking. Going out in the morning, attempting to start your car and having nothing happens tends to make for a long day. Turning the key and having nothing happen implies a ... Read More »

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How to Replace a 1998 Dodge Crank Sensor?

The powertrain control module on the 1998 Dodge Neon determines which cylinder it should fire from input from the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors. The second crank counterweight has two se... Read More »

How to Locate a Crank Sensor on a 1998 Dodge Pickup?

The 1998 Dodge pickup uses a crank sensor to feed detailed information to the power train control module to indicate the current position of the crankshaft as it rotates, as well as the crankshaft'... Read More »

How to Install a Crank Sensor in a 1998 Bonneville?

The crank sensor in a 1998 Bonneville is part of the on-board diagnostic computer system. This sensor provides the powertrain control module with information about the rotational position of the cr... Read More »

Where is the 1998 Toyota Tacoma crank sensor?

The crankshaft position sensor on a 1998 Toyota Tacoma is located in the engine compartment. The Tacoma's crank sensor is inside the distributor. The signal plate must be removed from the distribut... Read More »