My 1992 7.3 Ford Diesel Turns Over But Won't Start?

Answer The 7.3-liter Ford diesel is an engine with high ratings for fuel economy. If you are having problems with your 7.3-liter Ford diesel, you can do several things before you take it to a service cent... Read More »

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How to Replace the Oil Dipstick Tube in a 1992 Ford F-250 7.3L Diesel?

The 1992 Ford F-250 7.3-liter diesel engine uses a detergent blend of 15W50 engine oil. You can check the oil level and condition by pulling the oil dipstick from the dipstick tube, which protrudes... Read More »

1997 Ford Diesel Won't Start?

The F-150 is popular in the U.S., often accounting for a large percentage of Ford's annual revenue. While the F-150 is often praised for its durability, it is susceptible to wear and tear that can ... Read More »

Ford 2005 Diesel Truck Won't Start?

Diesel engines are known for being tough and reliable. Keeping the vehicle well maintained and serviced regularly will ensure that the truck stays in the best condition for many years. Most problem... Read More »

My 1992 Ford Explorer Has Been Sitting for a Year & it Won't Start?

If your 1992 Ford Explorer won't start after not being cranked for a long period of time, there are several common problems you should check for. Many times you can diagnose and fix the problem you... Read More »