My 1990 Ford F-250 Won't Start?

Answer Fords may have a reputation as tough trucks that last for a long time. However, even the best vehicles can break down over the course of time because of a lack of maintenance, faulty parts or other... Read More »

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My 1990 Ford F-250 Truck Won't Start?

If your 1990 Ford F-250 truck won't start, then there are multiple reasons that could be preventing your truck from starting. If your truck is a straight drive, then you have the advantage of tryin... Read More »

My 1990 Ford Tempo Won't Start?

Troubleshooting a 1990 Ford Tempo is easier than with newer models. Parts are readily available at affordable prices at many junkyards, online and in auto parts stores. The troubleshooting process ... Read More »

Windows wont start up i just keep getting the Start windows normally screen?

Go into the bios and have all the defaults reset. you may have a piece of hardware not working properely. Make sure that you try to boot into safe mode again. If this still doesn't do it for your, ... Read More »

How to Install TPS on a 1990 Ford F-350 5.8L?

The 1990 Ford F-350 truck was available with three engines: a 5.8L Windsor engine, a 7.3L engine, a 7.5L engine, and a 4.9L engine. The 5.8L engine, like the others, comes with a throttle position ... Read More »