My 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Won't Start?

Answer Few things are as frustrating as a vehicle that won't start. It's one thing if the car has been running poorly, getting worse and finally gives up. It's another when your ride was working perfectly... Read More »

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1986 Camaro hesitation?

Is it throwing any codes?In the absence of codes, you need to get a scanner, and see if the various sensors are reporting correct data. This can be done with a laptop running a free program such as... Read More »

1986 Camaro IROC Specifications?

Introduced as direct competition to the Ford Mustang in 1967, the word "Camaro" means "Mustang killer" in pony-car slang. By 1985, Camaro had evolved to the point of being named in "Car and Driver"... Read More »

Information on the 1986 Berlinetta Camaro?

The 1986 Berlinetta Camaro was a mid-range trim model available for the 1978-1986 Camaros. It was placed above the Camaro Sport Coupe and below the performance Z-28 model. Sales were initially stro... Read More »

How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a 1986 Camaro?

The 1986 Camaro has a combination fuel pump and fuel level sending unit located in a single frame inside the fuel tank. The nice thing about this setup is that the fuel pump can be replaced indepen... Read More »