My 14 yr old hates school?

Answer if he was OK at his last school he may just need time to settle in. he may also be isolated as he is the "new kid" this can be hell for the new kid and intentionally isolating someone is bulling th... Read More »

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What are you going to do when your mom tell you that she hates you and she hates the day you were born?

Just walk away theres nothing you can truly do but know that your here for a reason but dont do anything youll regret nor kill yourself and if you hurt them later on itll hurt u trust me.

How to Get a Girl to Like You if Everybody in School Hates You?

Does everyone hate you? Do you have a crush on someone who is WAY out of your league? Well read this!

How To Help a Child That Hates School?

Dr. Judy Willis, neurologist and middle school teacher, reports in the July 2010 issue of "Psychology Today" that a child who shows negativity towards school probably has a healthy brain that's try... Read More »

Who else hates "High School Musical"?

I hate it, too!The storyline is so predictable, the actors suck,and the songs are like songs for two year olds.