My 11 year girl is having really bad pains in her heart.?

Answer >And what, pray tell, are you doing sitting in front of the computer?? Get the child medical!

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Hii I'm a 17 year old boy who used to smoke and experienced heart pains is this signs of a heart attack?

Football is a very demanding on the cardio vascular system, once you have chosen to quit smoking almost right away your body will begin the healing process, How many cigarettes Can a ... Read More »

What is the cause of chest pains in a 12 year old when heart and lung issues have been cleared?

13 year old girl having bad knee pains?

I have had the same thing since I was about 17 years old, Im 29 now. As time went on my knee would start swelling. It got to the point that it was swelling and hurting without any reason. I let it ... Read More »

Abdominal Pains, Heart Pains, and Heart Pressure.?

Oh! boy, you sound in a mess , consult or ER for evaluation.