My 10 year old daughter has blood on her faeces why is this?

Answer If it is accompanied by pain she could be having a fissure. Otherwise we have to consider polyp. She has to be examined.

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What causes blood in children's faeces?

If the blood looks bright red and is not associated with pain it is probably due to rectal polyp. Infection can also cause some blood to appear in stool. In this case blood is usually mixed with fe... Read More »

My 6 year old daughter had her blood sugar checked recently and it was 196. Isn't that pretty high?

It is high for a normal person, but not too high. I have had people who never took diabetes have elevated blood glucoses occasionally. A person without diabetes should have a blood sugar range be... Read More »

Is it normal for a three year old to have pale faeces?

My 13 year old daughter is going through a vegetarian phase. How can I fix this?

The kid is going to rebel. The more you try to force the issue the harder she's going to push back.Talk to her like the adult she thinks she is. Explain to her how the human body was designed to op... Read More »