Mutualism Between Honeybee & Dandelion?

Answer Symbiosis occurs in nature when two different species form a relationship. Mutualism is a form of symbiosis in which both partners benefit from the relationship. Many species are part of relationsh... Read More »

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Mutualism Games for Children?

Mutualism is a type of symbiotic relationship. Symbiosis refers to an interdependent relationship between two organisms that benefits at least one of the organisms. In mutualism, both species benef... Read More »

Honeybee Games?

Just one subset of the many species of bee, honeybees have nonetheless captured the popular imagination, perhaps because of their important role in natural processes. Honeybees have provided inspir... Read More »

What type of honeybee is in Indonesia?

The giant honeybee, apis dorsata, can be found in Indonesia. These bees primarily live in and around forests but can occasionally be found in towns. The bees suspend their nests from tree limbs or ... Read More »

How to Care for an Injured Honeybee?

Have you found an injured honeybee? Do you want to look after it? Well, if you need some help on how to care for it, here I will give you as much help as I can.