Mutual Funds Risk Vs. Reward?

Answer There are two basic requirements for individual investors: diversification and professional management. In layman's terms that means don't put all your eggs in one basket, and if you don't know wha... Read More »

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Should you risk investing in mutual funds?

On One Hand: Liquid Assets and DiversificationA mutual fund is a diversified stock portfolio that comes prepackaged for investors who do not want to invest in individual stocks. This is a quick and... Read More »

Types of High Risk Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds that hold stocks, bonds or both carry some degree of risk, which means that you can lose money in any fund depending on what's happening in the market and how the fund responds to curr... Read More »

Are index funds better than mutual funds?

On One Hand: Index Funds have Lower Fees.Index funds are a type of mutual fund that measures the total value of a group of stocks. Generally index funds resemble the fluctuations of the entire mark... Read More »

How to Use Reward Points on Washington Mutual Credit Cards?

In 2008, Washington Mutual Bank was purchased by JP Morgan Chase. Former Washington Mutual debit and credit cards were replaced by Chase cards and previous Washington Mutual customers became eligi... Read More »