Mustards seed look like?

Answer A fully-loaded dishwasher will use less water than washing dishes by hand.

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What do garlic seed look like?

Answer I am betting on a Ge or Kenmore unit built by GE. It has a real motor.

What does horseradish mustard taste like in comparison to other mustards?

It is quite hot in comparison to many of the American mustards. Even the American Hot English Mustard ir quite tame to English Colemans mustard, and that is getting up to the heat from Horseradish.... Read More »

What does an African violet seed pod look like?

It looks like a tiny baby green apple, with a long green stem. I'd also compare it to a small green bell pepper looking thing. Its hard to describe, if i were u I'd simply go-ogle search it and hit... Read More »

What does a palm tree seed look like?

A coconut is the seed of one type of palm, a date is another..